Multi-Tab Controller for YouTube™

Control YouTube™ videos while browing other tabs

This is a browser extension that allows one to control YouTube videos without switching to the browser tab. This is more convenient and is also useful in situations when you don't want your colleagues or boss to mistakenly think you are watching videos all day when you're actually just listening to music, vlogs or seminars for example.

It is available for to install for the following browsers:

Google Chrome


  • List all open YouTube videos from a single popup menu
  • Stop all videos playing at once
  • Play or Pause a YouTube video while viewing any tab
  • Rewind or Fast-forward any YouTube video tab by 15 seconds
  • Go to the previous or next videos in a playlist
  • Close or jump to any open YouTube tab

Give it a try and please let me know of any problems or feature requests. I'll be adding features every now and then when I think of something useful and have time. Actually I use this everyday for myself at work, so I often think of "It would be nice if..." ideas for it :)

Anyways let me know what you think in the comment section below.



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