andrew Flower
  • Andrew Flower (rewolf)
  • from Cape Town, South Africa
  • living in Yokohama , Japan
  • Software Engineer
  • Love learning
  • Java, C++, Graphics, GPGPU Simulations, Simulations, Web
  • Always keen to learn new things

Welcome to my homepage

I love programming - always have - always will. I hope to share some of that on this site. My interests vary a lot from Graphics and GPU programming, to Spring Boot and web applications.

At home I play a lot with Raspberry PIs, building timelapses, controlling my lights and Air conditioner with IR, building little web tools for various things.

I used to work at Amazon in Cape Town, on the EC2 API for 3 years before moving to Japan for a change. After working on and leading a team at Rakuten for 6 years, I am now working on telemetry and monitoring systems at Indeed in Tokyo. Nothing on this site represents the views or quality of the company and is purely my own work.

Other than tech I love many other things like: Cooking, snowboarding, surfing, guitar, COFFEE, eating.