andrew Flower
  • Andrew Flower (rewolf)
  • from Cape Town, South Africa
  • living in Yokohama , Japan
  • Software Engineer
  • Love learning
  • Java, C++, Graphics, GPGPU Simulations, Simulations, Web
  • Always keen to learn new things

Welcome to my homepage

I love programming - always have - always will. I hope to share some of that on this site. My interests vary a lot from Graphics and GPU programming, to Spring Boot and web applications.

At home I play a lot with Raspberry PIs, building timelapses, controlling my lights and Air conditioner with IR, building little web tools for various things.

I used to work at Amazon in Cape Town, on the EC2 API for 3 years before moving to Japan for a change. Now managing a team at Rakuten in Tokyo building systems/APIs for handling and providing access to corporate data inside the company.

Other than tech I love many other things like: Cooking, snowboarding, surfing, guitar, COFFEE, eating.