• Andrew Flower (rewolf)
  • from Cape Town, South Africa
  • living in Kanagawa , Japan
  • Software Engineer
  • Geek since childhood
  • Java, C++, Graphics, GPGPU Simulations, Web, Ruby, Rails, Games
  • Docker, Jenkins, Raspberry PI
  • Always keen to learn new things

This is not a very complete homepage, and probably needs much love. Unfortunately most of my time goes towards actual work and personal projects. Right now most of industry experience is in Java and Spring, along with Ruby and Python. My high school and university days were focused on Game programming in Java or C++ and OpenGL, as well as GPGPU phyiscal/visual simulations.

At home I play a lot with Raspberry PIs, building timelapses, controlling my lights and aircon with IR, building little web tools for various things.

I use to work at Amazon in Cape Town, on the EC2 API for 3 years before moving to Japan for a change. Now managing a team at Rakuten in Tokyo building systems/APIs for handling and providing access to corporate data inside the company.

Other than tech I love many other things like: Cooking, snowboarding, surfing, guitar, COFFEE, eating.